logoJoin us as we host Brett Johnson, founder of The Institute for Innovation, will share with us a thought-provoking talk on God’s views on business from the Garden of Eden, the New Testament, the modern mission’s movement, and today.  Seeing the interplay between business and God’s work on earth will help attendees realize the difference between having God in your business and having your business in God’s business.  Brett will also share stories from the 350 companies and thousands of business leaders he has worked with in the US, Africa, India and Indonesia.

Date:  January 17, 2015 (Saturday)
Brett Johnson is the founder of The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, Inc., which is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Passionate about the abolition of dichotomy­—eradicating the false barriers between facets of life, Brett is particularly interested in removing the barrier between the so-called secular and sacred.  A chartered accountant, writer, father and social entrepreneur, Brett is dedicated to societal transformation through business and leadership development.  Brett has over thirty years of experience with leading public accounting and management consulting firms.  He and his team at The Institute have repurposed hundreds of corporations, working extensively with executives groups within businesses, NGOs and international charities, helping them dream new futures, and align around common purpose. A South African native, Brett has lived in Silicon Valley with his family for over 25 years.  Brett has authored six books:

  • Convergence—Integrating your Career, Community, Creativity and Calling
  • Operations: How the Internet can transform your Operating Modelwith Gary Daichendt, the former EVP of Worldwide Operations at Cisco
  • LEMON Leadership®—Radically fresh leadership
  • Repurposing Capital—Rediscovering Faith-based Financing
  • CYCLES: A journey to Purpose
  • Transforming Society—A framework for Fixing a Broken World

Brett and his wife Lyn are frequently asked to speak and conduct consultations around the world.

The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact | www.inst.net



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