Business Building on Kingdom Principles- Albert Lin, Khong Guan

Come and join us as we host Albert Lin, Executive VP of Khong Guan Corporation, a company specializing in developing and implementing marketing strategies to launch Asian products into North America.

Albert’s father, pastor Bellman Lin shared many aspects of Biblical wisdom with Albert as he was growing up.  Of the many verses they studied together, one verse in particular came to Albert’s mind as he embarked on his career in business.  This verse ultimately became the cornerstone of his business philosophy. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16.  Albert will share with us how this passage guides his business practices

Born in Taiwan, Albert Lin came to United States of American in 1971 and took over Khong Guan Corporation (KGC) in 1986 as the Executive VP of Khong Guan Corp. He transformed KGC from a satellite office of Khong Guan Biscuit Factory of Singapore into a premier North American Asian Marketing company specialize in identifying, developing and implementing marketing strategies to launch Asian products into North America. KGC currently represents exclusively over 90 Top brands from 13 Asian countries. In 1989, Albert with a group of investors bought King Wai Trading Company (KW). As the Managing Director, Albert Lin transformed KW from a small importer/distributor into the distribution partner of KGC with over 2,000 products. Albert also serves as president the Governmental Affairs Liaison of Oriental Food Association (OFA). OFA inaugurated in 1994 as a trade organization to fight unfair practices of the FDA toward Asian Food Importers. In December 2013, KW was appointed as the Authentic Asian Category Captain by Kroger Supermarket Chains. Kroger is the largest US supermarket chain with 2,778 supermarkets. Besides his many community involvements, Albert is a founding Board Member of Showers of Blessing Evangelical Ministry (SOBEM) and serve as board member of Christian Leadership Institute (CLI). Albert is happily married to his lovely wife Karen for more than 30 blissful years.


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