Ken Yeung, founder and CEO of Prince of Peace Enterprises, distributors of Tiger Balm and various other gourmet products and teas. He started the Prince of Peace Foundation and Prince of Peace Children’s Home to serve this community. Now Yeung is working on a new venture to further meet the desire God put on his heart to help special needs children throughout China.

Yeung organized an event in China called “Beyond Dreams.” The event brochure describes it as follows, “We will share how being a blessing to others bestows blessings on the giver, the receivers and the communities in which they live.”

China has about 700,000 orphans presently, and approximately, 8.2 million children are with special needs. Within the population of orphans, children with disability are in large proportion as many of them are not able to receive effective rehabilitation and treatment. They were abandoned by their families and become ORPHANS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. The best age for rehabilitation of a person with disabilities is between 0 and 14. If the child has not been treated effectively within this mentioned period, the possibility of his or her total recovery will be greatly reduced. On the other hand, the high cost of rehabilitation is not affordable for all families.

“Beyond Dreams” charity event, organized by overseas Chinese, was held at the Workers’ Stadium, in Beijing, China, on August 8, 2015.
Through entertainment and sharing, Chinese artists and celebrities from US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea will come and solicit donations for the children and orphans with special needs and to build a better tomorrow for them.

Watch Jeremy Lin’s speech at ‘Beyond Dreams’ Beijing Charity Concert on Aug. 8 2015, Fundraising For Orphans; TV Broadcast reached 100 Million Chinese.

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